Solve your most difficult growth challenges by unlocking the secrets of the customer chain.

This thought-provoking book by two global strategy experts delivers a proven approach for solving a company's most difficult growth challenges. To create value for your customers and capture value for your shareholders, the authors describe how to unlock the secrets of your customer chains.

CoDestiny goes far beyond theory by presenting unique ideas, approaches, and tools to put your firm on a path toward profitable growth. The authors present actionable plans that can be implemented immediately and deliver concrete results. The in-depth framework yields comprehensive, consistent, and foolproof go-to-market strategies and get-to-market implementation plans.

Relying on decades of real world experience working with global manufacturers, distributors, and service providers, the authors illustrate their growth maximization techniques with powerful case studies. Examples from such industries as electronics, building systems, packaging, telecommunications, and vehicles illustrate how firms that create a win for their customers can deliver rewards to their own shareholders.

The authors deliver powerful advice for any business, from start-up to market leader, with any product line, in any industry, in any location. They show how firms can create alignment with their customers, suppliers, and channel partners, resulting in shared successes for all. Follow the sure path to tremendous growth with CoDestiny.

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