Endorsement from Douglas Evans, ADAC Automotive

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Our products are not a commodity, rather an 'engineered product' but our OEM customers treat us as a commodity. We all should quit whining and define how we create value. George and Atlee's process to understanding the channel partners and the value chain is spot on to creating customer value and generating growth. Also, as they indicate, don't forget to develop a robust action / implementation process to achieve results. CoDestiny is a great read; now let's just follow their advice.

Douglas Evans, Chief Operating Officer, ADAC Automotive.

Endorsement from G. Sandy Diehl, United Technologies Corporation

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A key takeaway for me is that most 'textbooks' focus the value proposition discussion on the end user of a product. CoDestiny highlights that managing the value proposition for a company's channel partners and other participants in a product's value chain are just as important for success. At Otis, we have implemented this concept and leveraged it many times around the globe.

G. Sandy Diehl, Vice President, United Technologies Corporation, Farmington, CT

Endorsement from Bill Reitman, Briggs & Stratton Corporation

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Too often growth initiatives miss their targets for lack of well-defined strategies and plans that bring an idea to fruition. CoDestiny outlines a thorough approach, with many real world examples, that clearly increases the odds of successfully creating value for your customer chains. An excellent read for anyone looking to capitalize on growth for their business.

Bill Reitman, Senior Vice President, Sales and Customer Support, Briggs & Stratton Corporation, Milwaukee, WI

Endorsement from Thomas E. Crone, Valin Corporation

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CoDestiny unravels the mysteries and paradigms that companies often build around customer care-abouts. Applying the authors' concepts has driven transformational change in my business by unlocking new opportunities, delivering untapped sources for profit growth, and fostering extraordinary levels of organizational alignment and satisfaction. CoDestiny delivers the secret formula to this success.

Thomas E. Crone, Executive Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer, Valin Corporation, Sunnyvale, CA

Endorsement from Bernard Quancard, Strategic Account Management Association

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Creating and capturing a lasting competitive advantage is critical in today's ‘new normal' economy. The place it's most difficult and rewarding to achieve it is with your strategic customers. George and Atlee's book CoDestiny proposes an analytical approach and a methodology which are both relevant and very pragmatic to help companies create the advantage. The book is very logical and full of concrete examples/business cases which make the point. All CEOs today want to make their sales force more strategic. George and Atlee's book is a great contributor to this objective.

Bernard Quancard, President & CEO, Strategic Account Management Association (SAMA), Chicago, IL

Endorsement from Ed Wallace, Author

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CoDestiny reveals the key to unlocking the power of your business' Relationship Advantage. Pope and Brown transform the way every business must view their relationships in this new business environment!

Ed Wallace, author of the critically acclaimed book Business Relationships That Last, Newtown Square, PA

Endorsement from James D. Power IV, Author

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CoDestiny is a valuable and practical guide to helping executives focus on achieving growth through their customers. As businesses look for fresh approaches that will catapult themselves forward, this book is a worthy read and great to have in your toolbox.

James D. Power IV, coauthor of Satisfaction: How Every Great Company Listens to the Voice of the Customer and former executive at J.D. Power and Associates, Agoura Hills, CA

Endorsement from David D. Petratis, Quanex Building Products

Friday, September 03, 2010 - Permalink
Understanding the customer chain is the lever for value creation in any business. Companies that follow the path outlined in CoDestiny will unlock growth opportunities, build customer loyalty, motivate employees, and grow shareholder value.

David D. Petratis, Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer, Quanex Building Products, Houston, TX, and former President and Chief Executive Officer, Schneider Electric North America

Endorsement from Mark S. Cross, MeadWestvaco Corporation

Friday, September 03, 2010 - Permalink
CoDestiny provides managers with an approach that helps define strategy in a complex, globally competitive world. The authors help ensure that meaningful strategies are translated into the best action plans. We have worked with Atlee and George across several of our businesses and greatly appreciate their insight and results.

Mark S. Cross, Senior Vice President, MeadWestvaco Corporation, Richmond, VA

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"Many of our businesses have benefited from the concepts outlined in CoDestiny. The authors detail how to find previously undetected growth opportunities in complex business markets and convert these opportunities into wins for both customers and shareholders. CoDestiny is a superb book."

David B. Speer, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Illinois Tool Works, Chicago, IL
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