Endorsement From Stephanie Kushner, Broadwind Energy, Inc.

Monday, November 22, 2010 - Permalink
CoDestiny is a real eye opener for anyone who thinks they are in a  commodity business. The book provides an excellent road-map for dissecting purchasing behavior at multiple levels in the buying chain—it provided me with a new appreciation of the need to align the company’s go to market strategies with the full customer chain.

Stephanie K. Kushner, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Broadwind Energy, Inc., Naperville, IL.

Endorsement From Jose Orlando Melo de Azevedo, Petrobras America, Inc.

Monday, October 04, 2010 - Permalink
This is a must read for executives that understand the importance of getting ahead of the competition.  CoDestiny provides the foundation for sustainable success and value creation for customers and business stakeholders, with a clear and detailed implementation plan and appropriate case studies.
Jose Orlando Melo de Azevedo, President, Petrobras America Inc., Houston, TX

Endorsement From Denise Lee, ZF Lemforder Corporation

Thursday, September 30, 2010 - Permalink
The authors cite numerous real life examples of strategy put into action, with measurable, concrete results.  It is not often that one finds such a well written, concise, logical step by step approach to implementing a marketing plan.
Denise Lee, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, ZF Lemforder Corporation, Northville, MI

Endorsement From Gene Cassis, Waters Corporation

Thursday, September 30, 2010 - Permalink
CoDestiny provides business leaders enlightened perspectives on successful growth strategies in today's increasingly international, dynamic and interdependent business environment. In examining and challenging the boundaries that have historically separated companies from their internal and external suppliers, distribution partners, and customers, new process-oriented strategies emerge that highlight the potential to achieve shared goals and higher profitability in an increasingly competitive global market.
Gene Cassis, Corporate Vice President, Worldwide Business Development and Investor Relations, Waters Corporation, Milford, MA

Endorsement from Ralph A. Oliva, Penn State University

Monday, September 27, 2010 - Permalink
As we move through the 2010 decade, organic growth is on many agendas. The real key now is understanding the 'customer chain' and how to identify, create, and capture your fair share of value - through driving your customers’ success. These two practical, experienced, thought leaders show you how.

Ralph A. Oliva, Executive Director, Institute for the Study of Business Markets, and Professor of Marketing, Smeal College of Business, Penn State University

Endorsement from Rich Horwath, Author

Monday, September 20, 2010 - Permalink
"CoDestiny provides a wealth of questions, tools and frameworks to generate one of today's most valuable and elusive elements of business success: customer insights. Any leader looking for ways to methodically increase their profitability would do well to keep this book at the top of their reading list. The authors share practical tools such as the Market Map and Customer Chain Map, which walk you right down the path to a much deeper and effective understanding of exactly what your customer values."

Rich Horwath, Author, Deep Dive: The Proven Method for Building Strategy

Endorsement from David B. Speer, Illinois Tool Works

Tuesday, September 07, 2010 - Permalink
Many of our businesses have benefited from the concepts outlined in CoDestiny. The authors detail how to find previously undetected growth opportunities in complex business markets and convert these opportunities into wins for both customers and shareholders. CoDestiny is a superb book.

David B. Speer, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Illinois Tool Works, Chicago, IL

Endorsement from Charles A. Peters, Emerson

Monday, September 06, 2010 - Permalink
In CoDestiny, George and Atlee provide a template for the entire process. From mapping an industry to searching for value levers, their experience will enlighten and illustrate the foundations of their assessments. More important, the book's thoughts on relationships will aid in the execution of the plans and the realization of effective partnerships essential to success.

From the Foreword to CoDestiny. Charles A. Peters, Senior Executive Vice President and Member of the Board of Directors, Emerson, St. Louis, MO

Endorsement from Steve Henderson, Dow Automotive Systems

Sunday, September 05, 2010 - Permalink
The approach that George and Atlee describe in CoDestiny is extremely pragmatic, delivering an intuitive and detailed Market Map showing the structure of target segments and their key sub-segments, the participants, and the customer chains that link them. Using this approach, they provided clear direction to our organization as to the levers that we could use to create value and gain critical insights. Additionally, this approach facilitated the development of a detailed implementation plan to ensure that our organization was able to execute.

Steve Henderson, President, Dow Automotive Systems, Detroit, MI

Endorsement from Donald Robinson, Boston Scientific

Saturday, September 04, 2010 - Permalink
CoDestiny offers compelling and informative concepts for driving creative new management approaches to spur business growth in a very competitive and challenging business environment. The authors make it easy to conceptualize how these concepts can be applied across any business enterprise.

In our particular industry, supplying medical devices to the health care industry, these principles are particularly pertinent as the customer value chain is complex and demanding. In serving hospitals and physicians, listening to our customers has been a hallmark for driving significant growth over the past 30 years. And yet, even in this successful business dynamic, the authors bring new ideas, methods, and refreshing new concepts to understand more accurately how to enhance this well established and fundamentally strong manufacturer/customer relationship.
The authors use compelling arguments, along with a variety of examples and a thoughtful methodology, to explain and enrich the concept of determining where opportunities exist to incrementally grow a business. CoDestiny is a meaningful new approach to enliven your creative business planning efforts, particularly important in these times where we all face ever-strong global competition and complex business environments.

Donald E. Robinson, Vice President, Operations Strategy, Boston Scientific, Boston, MA

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