"Take Time Out" To Differentiate Your Firm From the Competition

Monday, November 01, 2010 - Permalink
When looking at the question of how to compete, the options involve a product or service advantage, a price advantage, and a relationship advantage.  In recent years, we’ve found many instances in which strong project management skills create an effective service advantage.  This is particularly true for construction projects associated with new facilities or modernization or expansion programs.

The benefit to the customer often involves “taking time out” – completing the project more quickly.  An oil and gas company which was doing repairs on a refinery calculated the value of a day saved in the millions of dollars.  We saw a similar valuation from a telecommunications firm rolling out a new network upgrade.  Firms with a strong implementation competency are the ones that are able to deliver this contribution to their customers and win business as a result.  Showing your customer how much time your project plan can save, and translating that into dollar benefits, can be a genuine basis of differentiation from the competition.

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