Managing Information Flow Essential To Avoiding Adversarial Relationships

Wednesday, November 03, 2010 - Permalink
In a research paper titled "A Blueprint for Success with Suppliers," we summarized our findings about the characteristics of best-in-class customers, those that attracted the best suppliers and motivated their strongest contributions.  One of the attributes of these best-in-class customers was their effectiveness in sharing information with suppliers.

One supplier commented in an interview about a customer where the relationship was strained so that “they keep us in the dark, and then expect us to magically be able to respond to some last-minute need with respect to a new product launch or some change in their product’s technology.”  This supplier went on to say that most of the times where they’ve disappointed this customer could have been avoided had they been given advance information with a reasonable leadtime.

To avoid adversarial relationships, look carefully at the information flow between the companies involved.  Make sure not only that the necessary information is being provided, but also that it’s being done in a timely manner.

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