Endorsement from Donald Robinson, Boston Scientific

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CoDestiny offers compelling and informative concepts for driving creative new management approaches to spur business growth in a very competitive and challenging business environment. The authors make it easy to conceptualize how these concepts can be applied across any business enterprise.

In our particular industry, supplying medical devices to the health care industry, these principles are particularly pertinent as the customer value chain is complex and demanding. In serving hospitals and physicians, listening to our customers has been a hallmark for driving significant growth over the past 30 years. And yet, even in this successful business dynamic, the authors bring new ideas, methods, and refreshing new concepts to understand more accurately how to enhance this well established and fundamentally strong manufacturer/customer relationship.
The authors use compelling arguments, along with a variety of examples and a thoughtful methodology, to explain and enrich the concept of determining where opportunities exist to incrementally grow a business. CoDestiny is a meaningful new approach to enliven your creative business planning efforts, particularly important in these times where we all face ever-strong global competition and complex business environments.

Donald E. Robinson, Vice President, Operations Strategy, Boston Scientific, Boston, MA

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"Many of our businesses have benefited from the concepts outlined in CoDestiny. The authors detail how to find previously undetected growth opportunities in complex business markets and convert these opportunities into wins for both customers and shareholders. CoDestiny is a superb book."

David B. Speer, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Illinois Tool Works, Chicago, IL
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