Endorsement From Gene Cassis, Waters Corporation

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CoDestiny provides business leaders enlightened perspectives on successful growth strategies in today's increasingly international, dynamic and interdependent business environment. In examining and challenging the boundaries that have historically separated companies from their internal and external suppliers, distribution partners, and customers, new process-oriented strategies emerge that highlight the potential to achieve shared goals and higher profitability in an increasingly competitive global market.
Gene Cassis, Corporate Vice President, Worldwide Business Development and Investor Relations, Waters Corporation, Milford, MA

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"In CoDestiny, George and Atlee provide a template for the entire process. From mapping an industry to searching for value levers, their experience will enlighten and illustrate the foundations of their assessments. More important, the book's thoughts on relationships will aid in the execution of the plans and the realization of effective partnerships essential to success."

From the Foreward to CoDestiny. Charles A. Peters, Senior Executive Vice President and Member of the Board of Directors, Emerson, St. Louis, MO
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